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  • Özek, Veyis; Minsolmaz Yeler, Gülcan (2009)
    By the accession of computer to the process of design and production and use in searching for qualified solutions aiming rational practices within the architecture, the architect has gained more facilities and time for ...
  • Özek, Veyis; Minsolmaz Yeler, Gülcan (Karadeniz Technical University Faculty of Architecture, 2009)
    Being inspired by the nature around as designers is getting to be a trend of recent progresses in architecture. In this sense a great deal of notions related to life and living organisms are joining in the design terminology. ...
  • Özek, Veyis; Minsolmaz Yeler, Gülcan (2011)
    Some threats fallen out against the environment such as air pollution which is gradually increasing in a way of not being able to be prevented, and desertification, the ozone layer pierced, global warming, decrease in the ...
  • Özek, Veyis; Minsolmaz Yeler, Gülcan (Trakya Üniversitesi, Müh. Mim. Fak. Mimarlık Bölümü, 2008)
    The reason that the uncontrolled structuring adversely affects the natural balance necessitates the search for the methods which provide saving energy, use the best of environmentally friendly materials and protect the ...

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